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Расширенная гарантия на трансмиссию

the ultimate cover for your forklift truck

When you buy a truck from Mitsubishi, you buy the best. If your forklift carries our name, you can be certain of the ultimate in engineering excellence.

And when you invest in an Extended Powertrain Warranty (EPW), you are investing in that same quality.

It's a guarantee that is as tough, dependable and easy-to-use as your truck itself... The result? Exceptionally low operating costs, long-term protection against unexpected repairs and genuine peace of mind.

Unlike most warranty programmes, the Mitsubishi Extended Powertrain Warranty is manufacturer-delivered - so there's no dealing with third parties, such as insurance companies.

What's more, it ensures that all work is carried out by highly skilled, authorised technicians, working to the original specifications - using manufacturer-approved parts.

How can we offer so much for so little?

With Mitsubishi's unrivalled reputation for quality of design and manufacture, only we can offer such long EPW warranties, with no limit on a maximum claim, at such a low cost.

The Mitsubishi Extended Powertrain Warranty is available as an optional addition to our exceptional standard warranty and inexpensive planned maintenance programmes.

The cover you want

Crucially, it covers everything you'd want protected - including every vital powertrain component. On LP gas and diesel models, this includes the engine, fuel system, transmission, drive line, drive axle and much more...

On electric trucks and most warehouse trucks, cover includes the controller, control panel, drive system elements and motors.

The cover you need

The Extended Powertrain Warranty gives you very flexible cover:

  • 3 years or 4000 hours
  • 4 years or 5000 hours
  • 5 years or 6000 hours

What's more, it places no limit on the value of the warranty in terms of parts or labour... and your truck's value does not affect the level of cover.

All this at a cost that is remarkably economical. Protecting a mid-range forklift for five years works out cheaper than a half-litre of engine oil per week.

If it's part of the powertrain, it's covered...

If there's a problem, Mitsubishi will fix it.

Simple as that... and as reliable.

IC engine ranges

  • Engine
  • Гидротрансформатор
  • Transmission
  • Drive shafts and universal joints
  • Differential
  • Drive transaxle
  • Final drives

Electric ranges

  • Basic electronic drive controls
  • Drive motor
  • Differential
  • Drive transaxle
  • Final drives

The Mitsubishi Extended Powertrain Warranty is available for almost all of the models in our warehouse range.

Only forklifts this reliable come with a warranty this good.

Around the world, people who depend on their forklift trucks depend on Mitsubishi. Developed for outstanding performance, they are designed and built to a higher specification to ensure utter reliability - whatever the application. It's the reason why we have the confidence to offer such an exceptional five year warranty - developed to offer you low operating costs along with long-term protection against unexpected repair bills.

Компания Mitsubishi дает вам больше

If you look closely at extended warranty arrangements provided by others you'll see just how much more is included as standard with the Mitsubishi EPW.

No limit on maximum claim (unlike competitors)

No limit to number of claims on one machine (unlike competitors)

Covers parts and labour

Transferable to next owner

Simple, plain-English paperwork

Repairs by authorised technicians

Guaranteed Mitsubishi parts

Manufacturer's own guarantee (not third party)

Covers all IC engine, electric and most warehouse trucks

Very economical

Every vital part is protected

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